A rich and noble lady of Esgaroth.


Frida, daughter of Finnulf is a rich and noble lady of Esgaroth, the Lake-Town. She thinks that the world is not in the grip of ancient terrors any more since Bard killed Smaug and that many paths lay in front of those who will dare tread them.


Frida (a PC) met with the Fellowship in Lake-Town during the Dragontide of 2949. They accompanied a noble Noldor Lady in her journey to the Rivendell. The journey was most perilous as they have ambushed by orcs, then in the nick of time rescued by the Eagles. After the Eagles dropped them around the slopes of the Misty Mountains they have fallen prey to the plans of an agent of Shadow. This dark spirit whose identity was hidden at the time from the adventurers was after the noble Noldor Lady. With courage and of course some luck they managed to escape and defeat the evil spirit.

Unbeknownst to the adventurers, the dark spirit was not defeated but only hindered and they would learn that his machinations was behind the many dangers they have faced. This spirit was called the Gibbet King.


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