Strong and enduring hunter woman of the Woodmen.


Strong, distanced and independent. Brien always tries to fight against the Shadow and protect the villages of Woodmen. brien.jpg


Brien and her most trusted loyal companion the Hound, always travel and hunt together. Betrohed to marry a fierce Woodman warrior, this once naive and innocent woman came to realise just how dangerous and dark the world they live in when his betrohed was killed in an orc raid from the mountains.

After the death of her betrohed, Brien became more distanced and cold. She often seeked refuge in the calm and silence of the woods surrounding her settlement and the companionship of the Hound.

In year 2946 she met with Beormund and Leganthir at the eastern outskirts of Mirkwood near Lake-Town. They assisted a merchant in need against bandits and she agreed to join them as they traveled to the Vales of Anduin through the dangers of Mirkwood.

In 2947, this time it was the adventurers’ time to assist her. They joined forces in the defence of the Woodland Hall and survived. After this time Brien decided to settle down in the Woodland Hall and live the rest of her days in peace… at least for now.


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